Product Type Property Application
Tronox CR-826 Chloride process rutile High durablilty,excellent opticalproperties,Both water and sol based system. Interior and exterior coating,powder coating,coil,marine and PVC plastic.
Tronox CR-828 Chloride process rutile Universal product,medium durability,high gloss,excellent opacify. Interior and exterior coating,maintenance coating,water and solvent based paint.
Tronox CR-813 Chloride process rutile Highest strength and an exceptionally clean tint tone. Low gloss water based coating and flexo ink.
Tronox R-FD-I Sulfuric acid method rutile Excellent tinting strength and opacity,good dispersibility,high gloss. Printing ink
Tronox R-KB-6 Sulfuric acid method rutile All purpose universal coating,high gloss,dispersibility. industrial coating,construction coating
Tronox CR-800E Chloride process rutile Low ion content,only for electrophoresis. electrophoresis coating.